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FOUNDED IN 1946, Bourque Industrial Ltd provides solutions for your metal fabrication. With our well-trained and experienced staff and over 23,000 square feet of fabrication space, Bourque Industrial meets and surpasses client expectations by consistently delivering quality work in Custom Fabrication.

Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, Bourque Industrial responds and delivers to markets next door and around the globe. From fabrication through quality control and safety, we employ proven processes and technology to create lasting solutions to our client’s fabrication requirements. With a proven track record in the fabrication of new equipment and the repair or replacement of existing parts and equipment, we cater to a diverse clientele including some of the largest companies in power generation, petroleum, processing and structural steel industries.

Working with carbon steel and many other alloys including aluminum and stainless steel, our certified and experienced workforce deliver precise cutting, shaping, welding and painting using the latest processes. We work with clients to determine the best process and technology for each job then ensure that every component is fabricated to exacting standards the first time. Our quality control processes means that every component meets specifications and will withstand the use it was intended for.

When the job can’t come to us, we come to the job. Our mobile fleet service offers the same expertise and is fully equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to on-site work with the same level of quality and safety as if it were