Catapult Training & Employment - A Division of Outflow Ministry

Catapult Training & Employment - A Division of Outflow Ministry

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About Us

Outflow works to improve the lives of the people in Saint John who live in poverty. Our work is motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ and his lordship. Part of the way we express this faith is by looking for opportunities to reduce the unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and medical costs in our city. Our hope is that our work lets people know they have a place not only in their city but also in the Kingdom of God.

The Outflow Mission provides everything from meals to shelter and from dental care to a place for friends to gather. Most importantly The Outflow Mission is a place that provides dignity, life, and hope.

Catapult Training & Employment provides people with a supportive environment to develop skills, to learn what habits are needed for success in any type of workplace, and to gain confidence. Our goal at Catapult is to help people take their first steps into the workforce.

Catapult Social Enterprises - In our Catapult Social Enterprises we are able to employ, train, and raise awareness. Currently we run Catapult Coffee & Studio, Catapult Creative, Catapult Furniture and Catapult Construction. All four provide a unique experience for employees and customers.