JTR Commercial Services

JTR Commercial Services

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Are you a home owner who is tired of running your own truck back and forth to the landfill? Are you a contractor, or real estate agent who is losing valuable employee time with multiple trips to the dump? Then, you've come to the right place.

At JTR Dumpster Services...

1. We pride ourselves in top notch service - 100% of the time!
2. Our bins are light-weight and driveway friendly - Our wood rails keep the dumpsters from touching your driveway or lawn.
3. We provide a free initial consult to ensure the bin is the right size for you and your job.
4. We can put our bins pretty much anywhere. Our experience and state of the art equipment gives us that ability.
5. We have small, medium, and large bins to suit your individual needs. (1 load with our smallest bin is equivalent to 10 loads in your half ton truck)

Pricing is based on location, waste category, and length of rental period.


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